DIAG IM3 - Page 148

KRUUSE I Examination and Diagnostic KRUUSE Dermafyt Test Ready to use pre-poured plate with sealed foil lid for diagnosing dermatophytes (ringworm) - these are fungi, not worms. An incubator not required, tests can be cultured at room temperature. Diagnosis is easy and based on a colour change from yellow to red when growth of Microsporum or Trichophyton species is present. Diagnosis can afterwards be verified on Sabaraud agar, colony morphology and microscopy. The tests are best stored at 5 - 10° C 06 · 148 Cat. No 290610 Description Dermafyt test 6/pk KRUUSE Sabaraud Agar Test Examination and Diagnostic I Fungal culture medium. Transparent and colourless: Allows assessment of the underside of the colony. Candida (yeast) grows well on Sabaraud. Used for growing fungi and yeast in special situations: 1. For diagnosing dermatophytosis if Dermafyt test inconclusive 2. Diagnosis of Candida 3. Special requirements (fish, reptiles, etc.) Cat. No 290612 Description Sabaraud agar test, 6/pk KRUUSE Müller Hinton Agar Used for staphylococci, streptococci, micrococci and coliforms. Often used for intestinal bacteria in large animal practice. Can in many ways replace blood agar plates Long shelf-life (versus blood agar) Cat. No 290614 Description Müller Hinton agar, 6/pk KRUUSE Mannitol Salt Agar For detecting staphylococci. Staphylococci are salt tolerant and can grow in up to 10% salt. Contains red phenol as an indicator. Pathogenic staphylococci: yellow zone around the colonies Non-pathogenic staphylococci: small colonies without yellow zone Cat. No 290616 www.kruuse.com Description Mannitol salt agar, 6/pk