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KRUUSE I Examination and Diagnostic Worm Egg Count Test For Small Animals Easy and hygienic way to test dogs or cats for intestinal parasites. Fecal Ova 3 Step can be given to the pet owner, who uses the blue insert to collect a faecal sample. The insert is locked into the container and subsequently transported to the vet. The vet fills the container to the tip of the arrow with a flotation medium such as Fasol, rotates the blue insert clockwise and counter-clockwise a number of times making sure that the blue insert is firmly in place in holder, and adds flotation medium to form a convex liquid surface. Finally, a cover slip is floated on the liquid surface 10-15 minutes and transferred to the slide for microscopic examination. I Descrip tion KRUUSE Fecal Ova 3 Step, 50/pk KRUUSE Fasol Saturated magnesium sulphate solution. To be used in conjunction with Fecal Ova 3 Step, cat. No 291011. Cat. No 291015 Description Fasol 1 l www.kruuse.com Examination and Diagnostic Cat. No 291011 06 ยท 147 Features: Standardized process Cost effective Hygienic Quick Diagnose patients before they leave the clinic Accurate results