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KRUUSE I Examination and Diagnostic Catrine Pearl Litter, Urine Collection This is a convenient and inexpensive kit for collecting urine samples from cats. The kit consists of 200 g non-absorbent pellets to place in the cat’s litter tray, a pipette for collecting the urine sample and a disposable plastic tube for storage. The product is ideal for waiting room sales at veterinary practices or from pet shops. Description Catrine Pearl Litter 200 g Examination and Diagnostic I 06 · 146 Cat. No 275021 Microscope Slides Microscope slides, unpolished and polished versions and cover slips. Cat. No 290270 290275 290277 290280 290280 290290 www.kruuse.com Description Microscope slides, unpolished, 76 x 26 cm, 50/pk Microscope slides, polished, 76 x 26mm, 50/pk Microscope slides, unpolished w/writing area, 76 x 26 mm, 50/pk Cover slips 18 x 18 mm, 100/pk Cover slips 24 x 50 mm, 100/pk Cover slips 24 x 24 mm, 200/pk