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KRUUSE I Examination and Diagnostic Televet Basic ECG The KRUUSE Televet Basic gives you the same reliable and proven single, 3 and 6 lead trace as the Televet 100, but without the ECG analysis software. n n n n n n n 06 ยท 142 n The range between the Televet Basic and the PC/Laptop is max. 10 meters Pocket sized ECG No SD card slot Easy to use E-mail to cardiology specialist for interpretation Anaesthetic monitoring - easy storing of documentation that many other monitors lack Patient data storage for monitoring long term cardiac conditions Patient cables are not included and need to be ordered separately Description Televet Basic ECG Examination and Diagnostic I Cat. No 291306 Televet Patient cable Cat. No 291301 291302 Description Televet Patient cable, equine Televet Patient cable, small animal KRUUSE ECG electrodes These Ag/AgCl electrodes are latex free and with Aqua-Wet gel for fast pick-up of the ECG signal. The electrodes have great adhesive ability which often makes it possible to apply the electrodes without clipping the hair. Cat. No 291310 www.kruuse.com Description KRUUSE ECG electrodes 40/pk