DIAG IM3 - Page 138

KRUUSE I Equine Equine Weighing Scale The weight of the horse is important for the veterinarian and the owner. This product is the most accurate available. Weighs horses up to 1500 kg in increments of 0.2 kg. Features include animal averaging software to ensure accurate weighing even if the horse is not standing perfectly still on the platform. Strong walk-on platform (200 cm x 100 cm x 8 cm). Complete with rubber mat (for durability, safety and noise reduction) and a rechargeable battery powered indicator with a backlit display. I 05 · 138 Cat. No 280797 Description EQUIVET 1500 Equine weighing scales Equine Measuring Tape A superior tape measure, specially modified for the measurement of livestock. Direct reading through a viewing port at the side. Measures up to 118” or 300 cm. The body of the unit incorporates both a spirit level and a fully retractable telescopic rod to assist with levelling accuracy. Cat. No 240601 Description KRUUSE de luxe measuring tape for horses, pigs, cows and sheep Nose Twitch Cat. No 210310 210311 Description EQVIVET nose twitch for horses Aluminium, with 1 m nylon rope and snap hook Nose twitch for horses, nylon KRUUSE Televet The KRUUSE Televet Electrode Support is developed to keep Televet and patient cables with electrodes in place and protected. It can be used in an ICU set-up as well as during lunging in an arena. The KRUUSE Televet Electrode Support