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KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET Uterine Biopsy Forceps This is the instrument of choice for equine uterine biopsy. Cutting area 4 x 15 mm. Description EQUIVET uterine biopsy forceps 62 cm I 05 ยท 135 Cat. No 141965 Equine Biopsy Instrument As this is dividable it is easier to sterilize. Good for obtaining uterine bacteriology samples. Cat. No 141700 Description Biopsy instrument, dividable, 63 cm EQUIVET Uterine Culture Swab Unique disposable system for collecting cultures from mares. Consists of protecting tube and swab. After collecting, swab and protecting tube are snapped apart and swab is capped in its own tube, ready for sending to laboratory. Sterile packed, length 76 cm. Cat. No 290955 Description EQUIVET uterine culture swab 10/pk EQUIVET Needle Holder Unique articulated design makes it ideal in narrow cavities such as cervix etc. Comes with tungsten carbide inserts. Cat. No 141975 Description EQUIVET needle holder TC Gold 40 cm www.kruuse.com