DIAG IM3 - Page 134

KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET Uterus Flushing Tube The bore spike ensures an easy and secure coupling of flushing tube and flushing liquid. Non-traumatic tip and side holes. The original design. Description EQUIVET uterus flushing tube, sterile, 190 cm Equine I 05 · 134 Cat. No 340835 Mare Flushing Catheter Cat. No 230750 230725 Description EQUIVET mare flushing catheter luer 8 x 700 mm, sterile Mare catheter, nickel-plated, 31 cm EQUIVET Stallion Catheter Hydrofoil coated catheter for easy and non traumatic introduction in the stallion´s penis. Cat. No 230760 www.kruuse.com Description EQUIVET stallion catheter 6.5 x 1350 mm