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KRUUSE I Equine Em Con Filter For irrigation. Pore size 90 mu, sterile. Description Em Con filter I 05 · 133 Cat. No 340810 Cat. No 340850 Equine Y-junction Long Description Y-junction long, 157 cm EQUIVET Cervix Forceps A majority of embryos transferred in the mare are done by non-surgical transcervical embryo transfer. Sandra Wilsher has together with the other members of the Fertility Unit in Cambridge, UK, modified the standard trans-cervical transfer procedure. I nitially the mare is sedated and the hind end washed and disinfected. A duck-billed Polansky´s speculum is placed in the vagina to visualize the external os of the cervix. Using the EQUIVET Cervix Forceps, the cervix is then grasped in the ventral quadrant and pulled caudal to straighten the cervical canal. A disposable insemination pipette covered with a plastic sheath is used to transfer the embryo. By using this technique the embryo is kept away from naturally occurring bacteria from vulva and vagina, thus reducing the risk of contamination. At the same time it also increases the success rate for a veterinarian, who does not perform a large number of embryo transfers. These forceps have an improved handle, which facilitates controlled opening and closing. Cat. No 141980 Description EQUIVET cervix forceps for E.T. www.kruuse.com