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KRUUSE I Equine Equine Reproduction Our wide selection of equipment for equine reproduction includes artificial vaginas, insemination catheters and mare flushing catheters as well as various forceps and biopsy instruments. Artificial Vagina Missouri 340275 Latex artificial vagina with leather cover and two collecting bottles. The vagina is to be filled with water, length 47 cm. 340276 340395 340277 Cat. No 340275 340395 340268 340273 340276 340277 Description Artificial vagina Model Missouri 47 cm, complete Missouri disposable plastic liner with gel filter Cover for Missouri vagina Collecting bottle for Missouri vagina, 5 pk Rubber liner for Missouri vagina Adapter for bottle for artificial vagina, 4 pk Latex Condom for Stallion For collecting semen for examination. Cat. No 340380 Description Latex condom for stallion EQUIVET Disposable Speculum Sterile and practical disposable speculum, softly rounded in both ends. The inner diameter of 36 mm provides easy access for a pencil light in the speculum without obstructing the passage for other equipment. Cat. No 290997 290998 Description EQUIVET speculum, I.D. 32 mm, length 45 cm, sterile with silver foil coating both inside and outside EQUIVET speculum, O.D. 40 mm, length 43.5 cm, sterile www.kruuse.com Equine I 05 ยท 131 We also provide the KRUUSE IgG Foal Quick Test that gives fast and accurate results when checking foal IgG levels.