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KRUUSE I Equine I Description KRUUSE Equine Breast Strap (165209), S KRUUSE Equine Breast Strap (165210), M KRUUSE Equine Breast Strap (165211), L KRUUSE Foal Pockets (165206), 12/pk, S KRUUSE Foal Pockets (165207), 12/pk, M KRUUSE Foal Pockets (165208), 12/pk, L KRUUSE Equine Pockets (165209), 12/pk, S KRUUSE Equine Pockets (165210), 12/pk, M KRUUSE Equine Pockets (165211), 12/pk, size L KRUUSE Scrotum Straps This strap is an addition for male horses when using the Post Colic Surgery Kit. The strap has three adjustment points in order to adjust the little hollow in front of the penis to prevent the horse from urinating inside the abdominal wrap. Use: Fit the strap ventrally in front of the penis and fasten on the dorsal strap. Cat. No 165300 165301 165302 165320 165321 165322 Description KRUUSE Foal Scrotum Strap (165200), S KRUUSE Foal Scrotum Strap (165201), M KRUUSE Foal Scrotum Strap (165202), L KRUUSE Equine Scrotum Strap, S KRUUSE Equine Scrotum Strap, M KRUUSE Equine Scrotum Strap, L KRUUSE Frontal Bandaging Combination of 3-dimensional elastic tissue with large adjustable areas of foam, which makes this bandaging indispensable in covering wounds and cuts in places difficult to bandage. Standard length of foreleg sleeves 22 cm. Cat. No 165212 165213 165214 165215 165216 Description KRUUSE Foal Frontal Bandaging, S KRUUSE Foal Frontal Bandaging, M KRUUSE Equine Frontal Bandaging, S KRUUSE Equine Frontal Bandaging, M KRUUSE Equine Frontal Bandaging, L www.kruuse.com Equine Cat. No 165323 165324 165325 165303 165304 165305 165326 165327 165328 05 ยท 125 KRUUSE Equine Breast Strap and Pockets