DIAG IM3 - Page 112

KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET Rasp Blade Tungsten carbide chips blades for the old type of EQUIVET handfloats. Description EQUIVET rasp blade 2.5 x 5.5 cm EQUIVET rasp blade 2.5 x 8.2 cm EQUIVET rasp profile 12.5 x 3.8 cm Equine I 05 · 112 Cat. No 240698 240699 240719 Tooth Extractor Set Burgess type wolf tooth elevator set Consists of: n Handle, extension piece straight and cranked n 2 cutting heads - small and medium T-bar (displacing teeth) n T-bar (tightening) n 6-pocket roll-up canvas bag Spare cutting heads are available upon request. Cat. No 240600 Description EQUIVET Tooth extractor set for horses EQUIVET Extended Dental Extraction Set Non-slip handle, extension piece straight and cranked. Comes with 4 cutting heads: x-small, small, medium and large, T-bar (displacing teeth), T-bar (tightening), Tooth elevator, Incisor/fragment dental forceps. In a 10-pocket roll-up canvas bag. Spare cutting heads are available upon request. Cat. No 240756 Description EQUIVET dental extraction set, luxury version, incl. 4 cutters Spareparts Cat. No Description 240713 Cutting head, large for tooth extractor set 240714 Cutting he BVFVf"FFWG&7F"6W@#CsP7WGFrVB6f"FFWG&7F"6W@#Cs# UTdUBFFWG&7F"f&6W2f"WG&7F"B&Vb#CsS`#Cs#@UTdUBVWfF wwr'WW6R6Р