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KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET MagFloat Carbide Blade EQUIVET S Float Dental Rasp Stainless steel with tungsten carbide chips at both ends and only on one side to avoid injury to the buccal mucosa and tongue. Cat. No 240708 240709 Description EQUIVET S-shaped rasp, S, 33 cm EQUIVET S-shaped rasp, L, 47 cm EQUIVET Dental Rasp Thomsen pattern with movable rasp plate to bring tooth rasp in desired position. Equipped with black rubber handle and tungsten carbide chips for long durability. Cat. No 240626 240635 Description EQUIVET tooth rasp with tungsten rasp plate Spare rasp blade for cat. No 240626 www.kruuse.com I Equine Cat. No Description 248030 EQUIVET MagFloat carbide blade, fine (19 x 55 mm) 248031 EQUIVET MagFloat carbide blade, medium (19 x 55 mm) 248035 EQUIVET Superior Carbide Blade, medium, curved (20 x 60 mm) This unique design allows detailed removal of abnormalities on the occlusive surface of the tooth very precisely and efficiently. Some of these areas have been extremely difficult to reach with conventional floats. This blade only fits the EQUIVET MagFloat occlusive surface, upper & lower cheek teeth. 248020 EQUIVET T-punch for MagFloat The blade is easily pushed away from the magnets with the T-blade punch when changing to a new blade or switching from a “push” to a “pull” function. 05 · 111 The EQUIVET MagFloat Carbide Blades have a design where the carbide part is very slim and glued to a highly magnetic plate. This creates a strong magnetism between the blade and the head of the handle. The design of the cutting edge of the blades leads to better cutting and the blades stay sharper for a longer time. These blades cannot be re-sharpened. However, the price of a new blade is comparable to a conventional sharpening, and the operator is spared the hassle and cost of blade shipment.