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KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET Dental Scaler This set of sturdy, long-handled dental scalers/gingival elevators is used to: n Clean tartar from the buccal aspects of the upper cheek teeth n Elevate small crown fragments n Elevate the gingiva prior to extraction The forward and reverse cutting edges on these two instruments allow them to be used in all areas of the mouth. I 05 ยท 106 Cat. No 248071 248072 Description EQUIVET dental scaler reverse cutting EQUIVET dental scaler normal cutting Equine EQUIVET Dental Probe This sturdy, long-handled, fine-tipped calibrated probe is ideal for evaluating the pulp horns and infundibula on the occlusal surface of cheek teeth. The heavy-tipped calibrated probe is engineered to probe, clean, and measure the depth of periodontal pockets involving the equine cheek teeth. Cat. No 248073 248074 Description EQUIVET dental probe fine tip EQUIVET dental probe heavy tip EQUIVET Dental Explorer Ideal for examination of pulpa and infundibula. Cat. No 248080 Description EQUIVET dental explorer, 40 cm EQUIVET Dental Irrigation Pick This specially designed dental pick incorporates water irrigation to expedite the process of cleaning inter-dental spaces and periodontal pockets. Considered the best choice for treating diastema. Cat. No 240799 www.kruuse.com Description EQUIVET Dental Irrigation Pick