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KRUUSE I Equine The KRUUSE 3W LED Head Light features high-quality light with symmetrical and adjustable lighting area combined with low voltage light rating resulting in safe and energy saving use. The powerful white LED combined with a precision lens gives a clear, strong and focused light with a natural tone. By using LED technology, the head light has the advantage of powerful light, long lifetime of the bulb and low power consumption. After adjusting the head light, the light will follow the exact track of the user’s eyes, making it ideal for examination and surgical procedures. This head light can be used in combination with loupes. The light is powered by rechargeable batteries. The light comes with two batteries. I Description KRUUSE 3W LED Headlight ll Equine Cat. No 290005 EQUIVET Dental Arcade Speculum Useful together with a full mouth speculum when performing an oral examination in order to get a complete view of the dental arcade, as the arcade speculum keeps the cheek and tongue away from the teeth. Cat. No 240738 Description EQUIVET dental arcade speculum EQUIVET Dental Mirror A necessity to perform a complete oral cavity examination. The mirror has a diameter of 48 mm and a 50 cm long T action handle. The mirror is angled 30°. Cat. No 240744 Description EQUIVET dental mirror EQUIVET Periodontal Forceps This sturdy, long-handled, right angle periodontal forceps is designed and engineered to remove forage that accumulates in periodontal pockets and valve diastemas between equine cheek teeth. Cat. No 248070 05 · 105 KRUUSE 3W LED Headlight ll Description EQUIVET periodontal forceps www.kruuse.com