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KRUUSE I Equine Spare Plates for Mouth Speculum, Leather To be used if the horse has a over- or underbite. Replace the original biteplate with one leather covered gum plate. Can also be used for cows. Description Spare plates (2), leather covered, for Mouth Speculum I 05 · 104 Cat. No 210209 Equine EQUIVET Spreader for Speculum This spreader helps to hold the speculum side plates away from the horse’s cheeks thus creating better access to the dental arcade. NOT TO BE USED AS A HANGING DEVICE Cat. No 210214 Description EQUIVET spreader for speculum EQUIVET Head Rest The EQUIVET Head Rest is an equine head support stand. Designed to be the extra pair of strong hands that always seems necessary. Certain procedures require sedation of the horse in order to be accomplished properly. A horse head is heavy and even the strongest assistant will soon tire of holding the head in the correct position. The head rest has a thick padding and is easy to adjust to the desired height (103 - 163 cm). Cat. No 240692 Description EQUIVET head rest EQUIVET Dental Halter This halter has a strong oval steel rod that prevents the halter from pinching during dental procedure. The rod has four welded steel loops to cross tie or for upper and lower restraint and is partially padded and covered with high quality leather. Cat. No 210390 210391 www.kruuse.com Description EQUIVET Dental Halter EQUIVET Dental Halter Suspension