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KRUUSE I Equine EQUIVET Climax Speculum for Pony This high quality pony speculum is manufactured in forged stainless steel with adjustable biothane straps. Spring loaded ratchets with five steps on each side of the speculum keep the mouth opened at the desired setting during use. Includes two pairs of different sizes of mouth plates to fit miniature horses, ponies and foals. Description EQUIVET climax speculum, pony size EQUIVET Meister Speculum This full mouth stainless steel speculum is designed to provide optimal access to the mouth of the horse. The compound action makes it easy to open the mouth. Cat. No 210201 Description EQUIVET Meister speculum Spare Plates for Mouth Speculum Cat. No 210206 210207 210208 Description Spare plates (2) for Mouth Speculum for horses (L) Spare plates (2) for Mouth Speculum for ponies (M) Spare plates (2) for Mouth Speculum for foals (S) EQUIVET Extra Wide Bit Plate These bit plates provide a better working space by forcing the cheek parts of the speculum away from the cheek due to the width of the bit plate. The design of this bit plate is an advantage when working with geriatric horses or horses with overjet. Cat. No 210223 Description EQUIVET extra wide bit plate pair, 2/pk www.kruuse.com Equine I 05 ยท 103 Cat. No 210213