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KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial trolley-based anaesthetic machine KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial is the flagship of the Moduflex line. This trolley-based version is a real anaesthetic workstation, perfectly combining ingenuity, sophistication and common sense. The large, stable trolley gives a good overview of all the equipment and provides ample room for both monitoring equipment as well as a ventilator. The practical drawers facilitate easy access to all necessary equipment, which means that the work area never appears untidy and cluttered. KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial comes with a SELECTATEC™ Tec3 vaporiser and the specially developed coaxial patient circuit, which ensures easy and correct connection to the absorber, reduces heat loss from the patient and increases humidity in the inspired air. KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial comes as standard model with an evaporator and a rotation oxygen flowmeter (0.1-4 lpm), but one of the many benefits of particularly the KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial is the ability to configure the system to cover special needs. As standard for instance, there is room for two vaporizers with an interlocking device, which means that it is only possible to activate one vaporizer at a time. Furthermore, the KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial can be fitted with up to three flow meters (e.g. O2, air, N2O, etc.). NB: Please note that special configurations will incur an additional fee depending on the chosen configuration. Additionally, a longer delivery time may occur. Please contact your KRUUSE representative if you have specific requirements for your KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial anaesthetic machine not met by our standard configuration. Selected features of KRUUSE Moduflex Optimax Coaxial: • 0.1 to 4 lpm rotation flow meter - large scale for precision and ease of reading • Recessed flush valve to prevent accidental activation • Flush flow between 40 and 60 lpm for increased safety • Quick-connect mixed gas outlet for fast and easy change between e.g. a Bain system and a circle system • SELECTATEC™ manifold for fast and easy installation of vaporizers • CO2 absorber with integrated coaxial breathing system which ensures correct connection, reduces heat loss HH]Y[ H[[ܙX\H[ZY]H[H[\YZ\[ݚY\]\ݙ\Y]وX\¸(H۝[Y[[܈Kˈ[[Y[¸(BT]Y[X[Y]\(HXX[[܈Z]\H[ۚ]܈܈H[[]܂(H [ٙ[H]Z[ Z[]ZXXH[[ۈݚY\\\H[YY܈X[X[[[][ۈ\\\[X\YZ[Hܙ][K[[[\ۈ\][ۈوX[X[[[][ۂ(H HYX\\[B[YY]HԕUTH[Y^[X^^X[(B(B(B(B(B(B(B(BX\ٛ\[H\ܚ^\^Y[X\ܚ^\^X[]Y[\Z]]HXX][YŒ]HXX][Y‘\\XBܞ]ܙX\B]XX][ۈXH MLJB]  ͌˚ܝ]\KB