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KRUUSE Moduflex veterinary anaesthetic machines For many years, KRUUSE has supplied veterinarians worldwide with an excellent selection of anaesthetic machines. We have now expanded our range of anaesthetic equipment and are very proud to introduce our new KRUUSE Moduflex line. We set ambitious goals for our new line: We wanted high quality at a reasonable price. At the same time, we wanted to offer our customers a wide variety of anaesthetic machines in order to cover the various demands from different types of practices. In our KRUUSE Moduflex line we have anaesthetic machines to suit all needs; from excellent entry-level models to very attractive high-end models, which in essence can be configured to suit the specific needs of the individual practice. Several of the anaesthetic machines are available both as a wall-mounted model and as a trolley-based model. We have also chosen to offer our customers an attractive selection of accessories in this line, such as the Bain system and a patient circuit alarm. In short - KRUUSE Moduflex is the answer to the vast majority of needs when it comes to veterinary anaesthesia! The KRUUSE Moduflex Anaesthesia systems have been on the market for more than 30 years More than 30 years ago our manufacturer noticed recurring problems with veterinary anaesthesia machines. The units were frequently leaking, were difficult to operate due to bad design and the repairs of products of poor quality were costing time and money to veterinarians. In addition to all this, the health of the clinics employees was compromise by the gas leaks. Hoping to improve the veterinarians work quality a decision was made to introduce a complete line of veterinary anaesthesia machines integrating the highest quality standards available in the market. From the modest beginning in 1982 the Moduflex anaesthesia systems have become leaders in small animal anaesthesia systems, gaining a reputation for high quality products and technical excellence. Developed in conjunction with veterinary faculties, the Moduflex systems are used in a growing number of research centers, universities, zoological parks and veterinary clinics around the world.The evolutionary technological approach built into each of the systems is what makes a Moduflex system unique by providing maximum flexibility and adaptability to your needs at all times. Known worldwide, the Moduflex veterinary anaesthesia machines are used in the majority of universities across North America and numerous facilities around the world. The Moduflex line offers a wide variety of anaesthesia machines designed for all types of patients ranging from laboratory animals like mice all the way to 136 kg. All KRUUSE Moduflex units come with a 5 year warranty *. *) Local variations in warranty conditions may apply. Please check with your local supplier. Welcome to KRUUSE Moduflex! www.kruuse.com