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ANAESTHESIA EQUIPMENT I Consumables KRUUSE Anaesthetic Filter Convenient filter to collect organic anaesthetic gases. Lets oxygen and carbon dioxide through. The lifetime of the filter is approx. 20 hours depending on gas concentration and evaporation. The filter is saturated and must be replaced when the filter weight has increased by 200 g. Delivered complete with 2 m x 22 mm tubing and standard fitting (fits all anaesthesia machines). KRUUSE anaesthetic filter, 2 m x 22 mm Cat. No 271559 Spare filter for KRUUSE anaesthetic filter Cat. No 271558 Connection piece f/scavenging tube f/Komesaroff Cat. No 271561 Scavenge tube (per meter) Cat. No 271579 Re-breathing Bags Re-breathing bags. Black antistatic rubber. Sizes 15 l and 30 l are for large animals. Re-breathing bag 0.5 l Cat. No 271600 Re-breathing bag 0.75 l Cat. No 271603 Re-breathing bag 1.0 l Cat. No 271610 Re-breathing bag 1.5 l Cat. No 271620 Re-breathing bag 2.0 l Cat. No 271630 Re-breathing bag 3.0 l Cat. No 271640 Re-breathing bag 6.0 l Cat. No 271642 Re-breathing bag 4.0 l Cat. No 271645 Re-breathing bag 5.0 l Cat. No 271646 Re-breathing bag 15 l Cat. No 271647 Re-breathing bag 30 l Cat. No 271648 1.5 l 1.0 l 0.5 l www.kruuse.com