How to use the cassette pack Veterinary Sutures for large animals 1. Take off the protective cap, which is intended for protection during transport. 2. Cut off pearl at the end of the thread. 3. Pull out approximately 10 cm of suture material, cut it off and discard. The suture inside the bottle is now ready to use. 4. To preserve the contents put on the metal cap after use. All the suture materials presented in cassette pack are also available in a wide variety of needles, suture sizes and lengths. Please contact your local Distributor for more information about the very comprehensive product range of B. Braun Surgical. Distributed by: B. Braun Surgical GmbH D-34209 Melsungen/Germany Contact-Address: AESCULAP AG & CO. KG P.O. Box 40 78501 Tuttlingen/Germany Phone+49 (7461) 95-0 Fax +49 (7461) 95-2600 B. Braun Surgical B. Braun Surgical has a complete veterinary suture range to suit the specific needs of large animals surgery.