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KRUUSE Equine Equipment KRUUSE ECG Electrodes Cat. no Pk. size KRUUSE ECG Electrodes 40/pk 291310 1 Mobile Gateway Kit Cat. no Pk. size These Ag/AgCl electrodes are free of latex and with Aqua-Wet gel for fast pick-up of the ECG signal. The electrodes have great adhesive effect which often makes it possible to apply the electrodes without any removal of haircoat. By employing a phone to connect the Televet 100 to the mobile phone infrastructure (GPRS, EDGE, 3G or others), the real time and heart rate data is supplemented by data from the Global Positioning System (GPS). As a result ECG and Heartrate can be monitored together with speed, altitude, tracking information etc. • • • • • With the Televet Mobile Option a cell phone connects to the Televet 100 and transmits the ECG data from anywhere Available on any mobile network Used for Exercise Physiology Applications Rider can monitor heart rate and speed on handheld device, veterinary monitors ECG, heart rate, speed and position on her/ his laptop Optional ECG display on handheld device for initial check of trace quality The Televet Gateway Option provides mobility for you and your patient. | 13 - 91 It consists of: • Televet mobile phone software • The Mobile ECG Viewer for Android • Access to the Televet Gateway Portal • The mobile phone hardware is not part of “Televet Gateway Option” Mobile gateway kit 291305 1 Televet Bluetooth Hub Cat. no Pk. size The Televet Bluetooth Hub is ideal solution in an ICU settings. Televet Bluetooth Hub feeds the ECG signal into the clinics internal network. Streaming of the ECG data via the Bluetooth Hub is not limited to the clinic’s internal network only. By additional use of the Televet Gateway (see Televet Mobile Option) the streams are accessible any time from any location, even at night from the veterinarian’s home. Televet Bluetooth Hub 291304 1 www.kruuse.com Cardiology • Real-time conversion of ECG real-time stream from Bluetooth to the clinic’s internal network • Support for up to seven Televet 100 devices in parallel • Automatic reconnect to Bluetooth for ECG stream in case the patient was out of reach • Monitoring of up to 4 patients at a time per Monitoring Station • No need for Bluetooth Support at the Monitoring Station • Multiple Monitoring Stations supported on a single Bluetooth Hub