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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Televet 100 - Telemetric ECG & Holter Cat. no Pk. size Televet 100 - Telemetric ECG & Holter 291300 1 Televet 1GB SD-card 291303 1 Televet Patient cables Cat. no Pk. size Televet Patient cable, Equine 291301 1 Televet Patient cable, Small Animal 291302 1 With traditional ECG systems the veterinary surgeon has been limited to resting ECG. Now with the development of Televet the veterinary surgeon is able to monitor the animal during its normal daily activities. This allows to diagnose cardiac rhythm abnormalities which may only occur during exercise or at rest. The Televet 100 provides a telemetric two channel (3 / 6 vector) ECG system. It has been especially developed to be used for small and large animals. The Televet 100 allows convenient ECG recordings at rest as well as during exercise with an excellent quality even during strenuous exercise. In telemetric mode the Televet 100 transmits data in real-time. The ECG is displayed on a notebook or PC and it is stored on the hard disk. In Holter mode, data is stored on a standard SDCard which is plugged into the ECG device for up to 30 hours. A telemetric connection to host PC or notebook is not required in this mode. Telemetric mode and Holter mode can be used in parallel, this ensures that an ECG is always recorded. The system includes software which enables ECG recordings to be reviewed at any time, printed or emailed for a second opinion. Technical Data: Channels: Two; for simultaneous recording of Einthoven I,II,III and Goldberger aVR, aVL, aVF Range: 100m clear range Batteries: 2 Mignon Alkaline (Type AA) ECG devices per PC: Up to 7, depending on performance of the PC Sampling rate: 500 Hz Frequency Range: 0.05 Hz – 100 Hz | 13- 90 System requirements: • Windows XP SP2 or later • PC or Notebook with min. 800 MHz clock frequency • Minimum 256 Mb RAM • USB Version 1.1 or newer • SD card reader • Recommended graphics resolution 1024 x 768 or higher Features: • Wireless telemetric transmission of ECG to PC or notebook • Two channel ECG for small and large animal • Holter ECG (>24h) on standard SD-Card • Clear range of about 100 m (Bluetooth Class 1) • Very small: Weight: 145 g. Size: H: 12.0 cm, L: 6.5 cm and D: 2.2 cm www.kruuse.com Cardiology Televet 100 includes: Transmitter, Bluetooth Class 1 receiver, 256 Mb SD storage card, Televet software, 1 bag of 40 KRUUSE ECG Electrodes (Cat. No 291310), protection bag and carrying case. Patient cables are not included, and need to be ordered separately