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KRUUSE Equine Equipment VetArt 980 II Diode Laser Cat. No Pk. size VetArt 980 II Diode Laser 30 W 141800 1 Bare fiber for Diode Laser, 600 ┬Ám, 3 m, sterile 141801 1 Protective eye-wear for diode laser, 960-1000 nm 141802 1 The rapid adaption of laser surgery makes it a growing modality in veterinary medicine, expanding to more and more clinics, hospitals and specialty pratices. A laser is a device that generates an intense beam of coherent light, that can cut, seal and vaporize tissue. The VetArt 980 II diode laser operates in the wavelength of 980 nm, which is absorbed in melanin and oxyhemoglobin. This wavelength makes VetArt 980 diode laser a powerful surgical and dermatological tool, with sufficient energy to handle a long list of applications possible in a modern veterinary practice. The diode laser performs like an advanced electrical surgical knife, with additional and enhanced features. www.kruuse.com Surgery, Anaesthesia and Monitors | 10 - 86 01 What can a VetArt 980 diode laser do for you? The laser is ideal for a wide variety of procedures, soft tissue surgery for horses, dogs, cats, birds, reptiles and more. The VetArt 980 diode laser can be used with a variety of hand pieces for surgical and dermatological applications or as a bare fiber solution in combination with endoscope surgery. What are the benefits of using a VetArt 980 diode laser? Laser surgery offers substantial clinical benefits over standard surgery. The interaction of laser energy and tissue causes less pain, bleeding and swelling resulting in quicker recovery time and shorter hospital stay and less traumatic for the patient. Less pain: The diode laser beam seals nerve endings as it incises through tissue. This ultimately reduces the amount of pain that an animal feels during and after surgery. Less bleeding: When making an incision, the diode laser beam cauterizes and seals blood vessels. This laser energy achieves hemostasis and provides the surgeon with a virtually bloodless surgical field Less swelling: When there is no physical contact between the diode laser and the surgical region this will eliminate the crushing, tearing and bruising of tissue normally associated with traditional surgical methods. Lymphatic vessels are also sealed, and tissue traction is reduced. TheVetArt is compact and portable. The QSC connector is a special safety feature that prevents dirt from entering into the fiber system which will destroy the fibers.