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KRUUSE Equine Equipment MedAir RespSense Cat. No Pk. size MedAir RespSense VET capnograph 291060 1 MedAir PulseSense Cat. No Pk. size 291050 1 MedAir RespSense VET monitor offers MedAir capnography technology that measures and displays end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2), fractional inspired CO2 (FiCO2) and respiration rate of intubated animals. The widescreen display also serves as a user-friendly touch panel where all settings and adjustments are visible. Features: • Widescreen touch panel display • MedAir™ EtCO2 technology • Numerical and waveform display of EtCO2 data • Gas output connects to anaesthesia scavenger system • 1.5 hours of EtCO2 trending history on-screen • For use on small to large animals • Rechargeable battery MedAir PulseSense VET pulse oximeter KRUTECH Infusion Pump Cat. No Pk. size 230625 1 The VIP 2000 multi-functional infusion pump has been designed to combine high levels of safety and performance together with very easy and reliable operation. The VIP 2000 is a light and compact pump, employing advanced technology for maximum user friendliness and performance. A really great feature of the VIP 2000 is ease of operation. The numeric keypad and full text LCD menu screens make changing settings straight forward and fast. The most commonly used of the VIP 2000 six operating programs is the continuous program. This allows the operator to set a specific volume at a specific flow rate. The continuous program is used to maintain fluid levels during anesthesia and throughout the recovery phase. The pump incorporates both active and passive safety features and can be configured to fit individual requirements, giving it a true multi-task capability. It is suitable for delivering intravenous fluids, drugs and TPN solutions and blood and can be used in both arterial and venous infusions. The pump is suitable for epidural, subcutaneous and IV applications. KRUTECH infusion pump VIP 2000 www.kruuse.com Features: • Widescreen touch panel display. • NONIN PureSAT SpO2 technology. • Patented veterinary lingual clip sensor. • Numerical pulse rate display. • Numerical and plethysmograph SpO2 displays. • 1.5 hours of SpO2 and pulse rate trending history on-screen. • For use on small to large animals. • Rechargeable battery Surgery, Anaesthesia and Monitors | 10 - 85 PulseSense VET is a portable oximeter equipped with NONIN® PureSAT® SpO2 veterinary technology. This monitor can be used in a variety of clinical applications, including spot-checking or continuous monitoring where alarms are required.