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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Vet Trends V Multiparameter Monitor Cat. No Pk. size Vet Trends V multiparameter monitor 290202 1 Cardell Blood Pressure Monitor Cat. No Pk. size Blood Pressure Monitor Cardell BP 9401 290175 1 MedAir LifeSense Cat. No Pk. size 291070 1 Surgery, Anaesthesia and Monitors | 10- 84 The Vet Trends™ V is truly a State of the art Veterinary Vital Signs monitor. The Vet Trends™ V offers one of the most simple and intuitive user interfaces in the market today yet still manages to provide the clinician with all the features required in the veterinary environment: Very simple and intuitive user interface designed especially for veterinary use Large high definition colour screen Electrocaute ry rejection (preventing cautery or laser use to affect ECG during surgery) In-Line Logic™ prevents the clinician from ever having to view a waveform not aligned with the appropriate numerical value Simplicity of operation with single function buttons and no confusing trim knob In-Line logic™ and single function button use make staff training a breeze Built-in printer producing a long lasting diagnostic quality printout Nellcor’s veterinary digital SpO2 Low flow EtCO2 Newest non-invasive blood pressure technology uniquely designed from the ground up” for veterinary patients Core body temperature Invasive blood pressure Provides systolic, diastolic; mean arterial pressure and heart rate in seconds. STAT mode provides continuous readings for five minutes with 10 second pause between. Pulse rate range from 20 to 300 beats/min. Manual and automatic mode for readings. Set auto measurement from 1-90 minutes. AC or rechargeable battery (4 hours). Works on 100 to 240 volts. Stores 99 minutes of readings or last 5 hours. www.kruuse.com The LifeSense® Vet is a multiparameter monitor. The monitor measures and displays end-tidal carbon dioxide (EtCO2) and fractional inspired CO2 (FiCO2) values, respiration, functional oxygen saturation of arterial hemoglobin (SpO2), and pulse rate of intubated animals. The distinct widescreen display also serves as a user-friendly touch panel where all settings and adjustments are made. Features: • Widescreen touch panel display • MedAirTM EtCO2technology • Nonin PureSAT® SpO2technology • Capnograph and plethysmograph display • Gas output connects to anaesthesia scavenger system • For use on small to large animals • Rechargeable battery MedAir LifeSense multi-parameter monitor