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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Large Animal Endotracheal Tubes with Balloon Cat. No Pk. size Endotracheal tube for large animals 18 mm 272044 1 Endotracheal tube for large animals 20 mm 272045 1 Endotracheal tube for large animals 25 mm 272046 1 Endotracheal tube for large animals 30 mm 272047 1 Endotracheal tube for large animals 35 mm 272048 1 Endotracheal tube for large animals 40 mm 272049 5 Günter Mouth Gag Cat. No Pk. size Günter Mouth Gag 210230 1 Nylon Connectors for Endotracheal Tubes Cat. No Pk. size E.T. Connector, nylon 18 mm 272008 1 E.T. Connector, nylon 20 mm 272005 1 E.T. Connector, nylon 25 mm 272009 1 E.T. Connector, nylon 30 mm 272010 1 E.T. Connector, nylon 35 mm 272006 1 E.T. Connector, nylon 40 mm 272007 1 Large Animal Re-breathing Bags Cat. No Pk. size Vet re-breathing bag 15 l 271647 1 Vet re-breathing bag 30 l 271648 1 KRUUSE NewLife Oxygen Generator Cat. No Pk. size 271609 1 KRUUSE high quality endotracheal tubes can be sterilized by autoclaving providing that temperature does not exceed 134º C or they can be sterilized by ethylene oxide. Dry heat sterilization should NOT be used. www.kruuse.com Surgery, Anaesthesia and Monitors | 10- 82 Can be used during dental work and very useful when placing an endotracheal tube Black antistatic rubber. Small economic oxygen generator supplying up till 8 litres of oxygen by 90% oxygen content at a pressure of 1.37 bar (20 psig/138 kPa). A user-friendly unit with an EcoCheck® Oxygen Monitor, a system monitoring that the oxygen content stays above 85%. An alarm indicates if any problems with oxygen content, drop of pressure or power failure occurs. Weight: 24.5 kg KRUUSE NewLife Intensity Oxygen Generator