DIAG IM3 - Page 79

KRUUSE Equine Equipment BUSTER Absorbent Cover Cat. No Pk. size BUSTER absorbent cover 38x45 cm, 25/pk 141870 80 BUSTER absorbent cover 45x75 cm, 25/pk 141871 24 BUSTER absorbent cover 75x90 cm, 25/pk 141872 16 BUSTER Sterile Cover Cat. No Pk. size BUSTER sterile cover 30x45 cm, 25/pk 141765 10 BUSTER sterile cover 60x90 cm, 25/pk 141770 10 BUSTER sterile cover 90x120 cm, 25/pk 141780 10 BUSTER sterile cover 120x120 cm, 25/pk 141840 8 BUSTER sterile cover 120x180 cm, 25/pk 141850 5 BUSTER sterile cover 120x250 cm, 25/pk 141845 4 KRUTEX Disposable Operation Coats Cat. No Pk. size KRUTEX Basic operation coat 120 cm, sterile, M, 50/pk 260565 1 KRUTEX Basic operation coat 125 cm, sterile, L, 50/pk 260566 1 KRUTEX Basic operation coat 130 cm, sterile, XL, 50/pk 260567 1 Cap and Face Mask Cat. No Pk. size Disposable cap green, 100/pk 260650 1 KRUTEX face mask with straps, green, 50/pk 260654 1 Disposable 2-ply op covers. Top layer of absorbent paper applied to polythene cover. Will absorb fluid and blood from operation field. Peel-pack. Adhesive spray used for application. Surgery, Anaesthesia and Monitors www.kruuse.com Practical set containing one coat and two towels (10 x 30 cm). The coat is made from non-woven SMS (spunbond+meltblown+spunbond). Water, blood and oil-repellent. Ribbed cuff and with a tie string at the waist. | 10 - 79 Disposable, sterile packed. Flexible green plastic covers in peel-pack.