DIAG IM3 - Page 76

KRUUSE Equine Equipment EQUIVET Colic Gown, sterile Cat. no Pk. size Size M, W 145 cm, H 120 cm 281640 1 Size L, W 150 cm, H 130 cm 281641 1 Size XL, W 160 cm, H 140 cm 281642 1 Size XXL, W 170 cm, H 150 cm 281643 1 Camera Drape Cat. no Pk. size KRUUSE Camera Drape 18 x 250cm, sterile 281649 1 Stapler Cat. no Pk. size Royal 35W stapler, disposable. Sterile 152129 1 EQUIVET Needle Holder Cat. No Pk. size 141975 1 Reinforced total outer protection. PE/Non woven on the front and on the sleeves, non woven hydrophobic SMS on the back 4 x belts and 2 x towels Surgery, Anaesthesia and Monitors | 10- 76 To keep camera and tube sterile The Royalâ„¢ single-use skin stapler has application in abdominal, gynecological, orthopedic, and thoracic surgery for closure of skin. Unique design makes it ideal in narrow cavities such as cervix etc. Comes with tungsten carbide inserts. www.kruuse.com EQUIVET needle holder TC Gold 40cm