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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Standard accessories 4 vertical poles, length 1700 mm 2 horizontal bars with clamps, length 1100 mm 4 clamps for belt Complete leg support including 1 padded leg support, 1 locking device and 2 leg support bars Stand with clamp for infusion bags 4 coated foam strips (for head section and side panels) 4 wedge-shaped foam paddings Anaesthetic hose support Moveable rack Coated foam strips EQUIVET Surgery Table Moveable rack 281600 There are design points in the “EQUIVET” table that are an obvious improvement on existing equine surgery tables. First of all the table keeps position on the floor of the surgery room by means of lockable rubber stoppers rather than rely on wheel brakes only. The side supports (including those of the head-support) are all detachable and move longitudinally along the side of the table. Therefore the table can be adapted to the size of the horse and detaching unneeded side supports leads to improved accessibility of the surgical field by the surgeon and surgical assistants. There is a joystick for raising/lowering/tilting of the table on each of the 4 corners of the table corner which obviates the need for a remote control. All accessories are lockable and poles cannot be pushed out of the table by accident. Additi onal safety features are switches in each corner of the table and under the head support to minimize the danger of squash injuries. Edmund Hainisch, MagMedVet, DrMedVet, CertES(Soft Tissue) | 10 - 73 Veterinary University Vienna Large Animal Surgery and Orthopedics Table is everything I had hoped for and more. It makes surgery so much easier. Two people can table a horse in my clinic with no problem. I have done 2-3 surgeries per day since it arrived with no problems. The design and construction is really amazing. I can’t imagine what could be improved on?? Harthill & Priest Equine Surgery Versailles, Ky EQUIVET Colon Tray Cat. no Pk. size EQUIVET Colon Tray, adjustable 80-140 cm 281601 1 EQUIVET Orthopaedic Leg Support Cat. no Pk. size EQUIVET Orthopaedic Leg Support (set of 2) 281602 1 EQUIVET Leg Support Cat. no Pk. size EQUIVET Leg Support 281603 1 EQUIVET X-ray translucent head section Cat. no Pk. size EQUIVET X-ray translucent head section 85 x 50 cm 281604 1 Can be placed caudally or laterally Can be adjusted to give optimal joint flexion and leg positioning. Surgery, Anaesthesia and Monitors Gary T. Priest, DVM www.kruuse.com Extra leg support including 1 padded leg support