DIAG IM3 - Page 70

KRUUSE Equine Equipment Horsley Skull Trephine Cat. No Pk. size Horsley skull trephine 13 mm 240716 1 Horsley skull trephine 19 mm 240717 1 Horsley skull trephine 25 mm 240718 1 EQUIVET Dental Punch Set Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Dental Punch Set (4) 240757 1 Universal Dental Forceps Cat. No Pk. size 270810 1 High quality stainless steel skull trephine with detachable handle. Available in three sizes. | 9 - 70 The set consist of the four most used angles for repulsion of cheek teeth: 12,5 mm offset, 20 mm offset, curved and straight. Length 20 cm Can be used for removal of tartar from the canine. Length 17 cm www.kruuse.com Dental Universal dental forceps