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KRUUSE Wound Flushing Unit Cat. No Pk. size 165050 1 Cat. No Pk. size 165051 1 | 1-7 KRUUSE Equine Equipment The flushing unit delivers 3 l. of fluid in less than 5 minutes KRUUSE Wound Flushing Unit KRUUSE Wound Flushing Solution, 10 sachets Wound Management The KRUUSE wound lavage system facilitates optimal wound care at an affordable price: effective wound irrigation is ensured by the use of 3 l. of body temperature isotonic fluid delivered at the correct pressure. KRUUSE is the first company to develop a dedicated veterinary Wound Flushing Unit with a documented and stabilized pressure of 0.82 bar (12 psi). The KRUUSE Wound Flushing Solution sachet contains the correct amount of electrolyte to add to produce 3 l. of body temperature Lactated Ringers solution. The sachet also includes 0.04% Polyhexanide (PHMB) as a preservative. This solution is ideal for professional wound lavage in a busy surgical or single handed field setting. KRUUSE Wound Flushing Solution, 10 sachets One sachet contains 30,051 g powder consisting of: Sodium Chloride Lactate Potassium Calcium PHMP Water PROTOCOL FOR WOUND PREPARATION Evaluate the wound Flush the wound site gently at low pressure to remove gross contamination Fill the wound with KRUUSE HydroGel Clip hair around the wound a. Clipping hair is preferable to shaving which can cause local skin microabscessation b. The hair falls harmlessly onto the KRUUSE HydroGel without further contaminating the wound bed Flush the area around the wound to remove any further contamination Lavage the wound site with the KRUUSE Wound Flushing Unit using body temperature KRUUSE Wound Flushing Solution – this removes the contaminated HydroGel and any other contaminant, leaving a clean wound bed ready for reconstruction and / or dressing. The principles of physiological wound preparation are fulfilled. www.kruuse.com 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 8.964 g 11.591 g 7.482 g 0.470 g 0.181 g 1.200 g 0.163 g