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| 9 - 66 KRUUSE Equine Equipment Electric Dental Rasp Cat. No Pk. size Slimline electric tooth rasp 240725 1 Rasp disc for electric tooth rasp (240725) 240726 1 Rasp disc Diamond for electric tooth rasp (240725) 240755 1 Burgess Type Wolf Tooth Elevator Set Cat. No Pk. size Tooth extractor set for horses 240600 1 EQUIVET Extended Tooth Extractor Set Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET dental extraction set, luxury version, incl. 4 cutters 240756 1 Cutting head large fortooth extractor set 240713 1 Cutting head medium fortooth extractor set 240714 1 Cutting head small fortooth extractor set 240715 1 Extra small cutting head for tooth extractor 240751 1 EQUIVET tooth extractor forceps for extractor kit ref. 240756 240722 1 EQUIVET elevator 240724 1 Tooth Elevator Cat. No Pk. size 240610 1 Burgess type wolf tooth elevator set Constituent pieces: Handle, extension piece straight and cranked, 2 cutting heads - small and medium, T-bar (displacing teeth), T-bar (tightening). 6-pocket roll-up canvas bag www.kruuse.com Dental Improved non-slip handle, extension piece straight and cranked, 4 cutting heads - x-small, small, medium and large, T-bar (displacing teeth), T-bar(tightening), tooth elevator and incisor/fragment dental forceps. 10-pocket roll-up canvas bag. Spare cutting heads are available for both extractor sets 240600 and 240756 upon request. The length of the blade can be shortened or lengthened as desired by loosening the set screw with the wrench Tooth elevator for horses