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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Additional EQUIVET MagFloats The EQUIVET MagFloats have been recognized as the lightest and best designed hand floats worldwide. Veterinarians, who prefer hand floats with pistol grip, have requested MagFloats with pistol grip.We have, of course, listened to this request from our customers. Almost all of our MagFloats have now been designed to also be available with pistol grip. It is now possible for our customers to choose between standard grip and pistol grip for 6 of the 7 MagFloats. ‘The pistol grips on the MagFloats are great. They feel well balanced in your hand and it is possible to change angle of rasping as you go to decrease arm muscle wear and fatigue. I really prefer the pistol grip - especially the float designed for the mandibular arcade. This is a great opportunity to add pistol grip floats to your other great MagFloats – then you can choose the optimal float depending on your posture and own preference during floating.’ Tine Mangart Søland, DVM, Certified in Equine Practice, Assistant professor University of Copenhagen, The University Hospital for Large Animals, Denmark | 9 - 64 ‘The EQUIVET MagFloats with pistol grip are an extremely light-weight set of manual rasps, ideal for routine everyday dentistry in the field. The pistol grip handles allow the operator to closely monitor the blade angle of the rasp and helps to reduce fatigue. The MagFloat system for changing blades is fast and convenient - again ideal for work in the field.’ Sam Luis Hole, BSc(Hons) BVM&S CertAVP(Equine Practice) CertAVP(Equine Dentistry) BAEDT, MRCVS Pool House Equine Clinic, Lichfield. Staffordshire, UK EQUIVET MagFloat with pistolgrip Cat. no Pk. size 248011 1 EQUIVET MagFloat pistolgrip, upper premolar (6-8) Dental Length from handle to end 28.0 cm EQUIVET MagFloat pistolgrip, upper & lower premolar (6) Length from handle to end 28.0 cm 248012 1 EQUIVET MagFloat pistolgrip, lower cheek teeth (6-11) Length from handle to end 45.0 cm 248013 1 EQUIVET MagFloat pistolgrip, upper molar (9-11) Length from handle to end 48.0 cm 248014 1 EQUIVET MagFloat pistolgrip, upper & lower last molar (11) www.kruuse.com Length from handle to end 54.0 cm 248015 1 EQUIVET MagFloat pistolgrip, occlusive surface, upper/lower cheek teeth (6-11) This handle only fits to blad cat. no 248035 Length from handle to end 44.0 cm 248016 1