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KRUUSE Equine Equipment EQUIVET Dental Irigation Pick Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Dental Irigation Pick 240799 1 Equine Dentistry 2nd Edition DVD Cat. No Pk. size This specially designed dental pick incorparates water irrigation to expedite the process of cleaning inter-dental spaces and periodontal pockets. Considered the best choice for treating diastema. | 9 - 60 How to Perform an Oral Examination and Routine Floating This video demonstrates how to perform a correct oral examination of the horse, which provides the basis for routine floating and correction of the dental arcade. We are very proud to have Dr. Jack Easley perform this demonstration. Dr. Easley is one of the leading veterinary surgeons specializing in equine dentistry. Dr. Easley has his own practice, is a very popular lecturer and the author of numerous textbooks and articles on the subject equine dentistry. All equipment used in this video is part of the KRUUSE Equine Dentistry range. Sold exclusively to veterinarians English version. Duration: 46 min PAL English version. Duration: 46 min NTSC Dental EQUIVET Stainless Steel Bucket and Brush 240760 240765 1 1 Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET stainless steel bucket 240710 1 Nylon brush for stainless steel bucket 240723 1 240720 1 10 l stainless steel bucket. Supreme quality, specially designed for use in connection with equine dental treatment. Comes with a side mounted nylon brush for cleaning tooth rasp plates and a rubber bottom to keep noise levels to a minimum around nervous animals. EQUIVET Dental Rasp Protector This is designed to protect the rasps while they are placed in the bucket. The protector consists of 8 tubes and it still gives access to the cleaning brush in the bucket. www.kruuse.com EQUIVET Dental Rasp Protector