DIAG IM3 - Page 58

KRUUSE Equine Equipment Drenching Syringe Cat. No Pk. size Dosing syringe 300 ml nylon 113863 1 Dosing syringe 300 ml nylon 113865 30 EQUIVET Cheek Retractor Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Cheek retractor 240758 1 EQUIVET Dental Arcade Speculum Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET dental arcade speculum 240738 1 EQUIVET Dental Mirror and spare mirror Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Dental Mirror 240744 1 EQUIVET spare dental mirror with adhesive 240745 1 For dosing large quantities of water for cleaning the horse’s mouth before oral examination. | 9 - 58 Pulls the cheek gently away from the cheek teeth so occlusion can be evaluated on a closed mouth. Can also be used to give more room when electrical equipment is used on the cheek teeth. Dental Useful together with a full mouth speculum when performing an oral examination in order to get a complete view of the dental arcade, as the arcade speculum keeps the cheek and tongue away from the teeth. www.kruuse.com A necessity to perform proper oral cavity examination. The mirror is a 50 cm long T action handle. The mirror is 48 mm. The angle is 30º