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KRUUSE Equine Equipment EQUIVET Head Rest and Spare Padding Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Head Rest 240692 1 Extra cushion padding for EQUIVET Head Rest 240696 1 EQUIVET Dental Halter Cat. No Pk. size 210390 1 EQUIVET Dental Halter Suspension 210391 1 KRUUSE 3W LED Head Light Cat. No Pk. size KRUUSE 3W LED Head Light 290000 1 EQUIVET Power Light II Cat. No Pk. size 210219 1 EQUIVET Head Rest is an equine head support stand. Designed to be the extra pair of strong hands that always seem necessary. Certain procedures require sedation in order to be accomplished properly. The equine head is heavy and even the strongest assistant will soon tire of holding the head in a proper position. The head stand is a thick padded rest that easily adjusts to the desired height (103 - 163 cm). EQUIVET Dental Halter | 9 - 57 This halter has a strong oval steel rod that prevents the halter from pinching during dental procedure. The rod has four welded steel loops to cross tie or for upper and lower restraint and is partially padded and covered with high quality leather. EQUIVET Dental Halter Suspension This device consist of a 2 m robe with a brass trigger, a cleat for adjusting the length and quick release function. PowerLite II is a fully portable, battery-operated light source designed to attach to the upper incisor plate of an equine dental speculum. It uses the brightest Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology currently on the market, and eliminates the need for cumbersome head-mounted or handheld lights. Its compact, water-resistant design makes this product the most reliable, durable and convenient light source available to practicing veterinarians EQUIVET PowerLite II www.kruuse.com Dental Lightweight, powerfull, bright and compact Head Light. Fully adjustable for accurate user selection. Adjustable spot. The Head Light is mounted on a flexible headband. Rechargeable battery box with On/Off switch. Techinical specification: Led bulb power: 3W Light • Intensity: 6000 lux • Colour temperature: 5000 k • Adjustable size of light spot • Rechargeable battery pack giving 5 hours of light • Low battery indicator • Led life time: 10.000 hours • Weight (headband with light): 205 g • Supplied in a box