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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Günter Mouth Gag Cat. No Pk. size Günter Mouth Gag 210230 1 EQUIVET Millennium Speculum Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Millennium speculum 210240 1 EQUIVET Haussmann Speculum Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Haussmann Speculum 210205 1 EQUIVET Climax Speculum Cat. No Pk. size 210212 1 Can be used during dental work and very useful when placing an endotracheal tube | 9 - 54 The top quality Millennium speculum is a very strong forged stainless steel speculum with a polished finish. The arched frame provides maximum access to the mouth without interfering with the dental tools. The Millennium speculum benefits from a 15 small adjustable ratchet settings with front actuated release levers. The bit-plates are the extra wide ones for improved access to the oral cavity. Come with flexible(water proof ) biothane straps which are easy to use and clean. Dental Superior quality stainless steel speculum with adjustable quality leather straps and brass buckles. Spring loaded ratchets with 4 steps to keep the mouth open at the desired setting during use. This high quality speculum is manufactured in forged stainless steel with adjustable biothane straps. Spring loaded ratchets with five steps to keep the mouth opened at the desired setting during use. Includes one set of standard mouth plates and a set of leather sleeved bar plates. www.kruuse.com EQUIVET Climax Speculum