DIAG IM3 - Page 53

KRUUSE Equine Equipment EQUIVET Incisor Gag Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET incisor gag 210211 1 EQUIVET Mouth Wedges Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Mouth Wedge, model HHP 210217 1 EQUIVET Mouth Wedge, pony, model HHP 210221 1 Spare rubber block f/EQUIVET Mouth Wedge 210218 1 Spa re rubber block f/EQUIVET Mouth Wedge, pony 210222 1 Schoupe Mouth Wedge Cat. No Pk. size Schoupe Mouth Wedge 210210 1 BAYER Mouth Wedge Cat. No Pk. size Bayer Mouth Wedge 210220 1 Comet Mouth Wedge Cat. No Pk. size Comet Mouth Wedge, plastic 210225 1 This gag is placed in the mouth of the horse the same way as a bit. It creates easy access to the incisors. www.kruuse.com Dental | 9 - 53 Tooth damage to horses in connection with usage of a metal mouth gag is documented. This gave inspiration to develop a new equine mouth wedge. The features which differentiate this model from other mouth gags are the style andthe materials - stainless steel combined with a solid moulded rubber block. The rubber block is made of very durable material and is atraumatic so that tooth damage does not occur in connection with usage of the EQUIVET mouth wedge. In addition the wedge shape and the compliance of the rubber cause less stress to the horse. An additional advantage with the EQUIVET mouth wedge is that the rubber block is exchangeable - when it finally wears out it can easily be replaced.