DIAG IM3 - Page 49

KRUUSE Equine Equipment Diamond Hoof Cutter Cat. No Pk. size Diamond Hoof Cutter 37.5 cm 220094 1 Diamond Crease Nail Puller Cat. No Pk. size Diamond Crease Nail Puller 29,5 cm 220090 1 Diamond Clinch Cutter Cat. No Pk. size Diamond Clinch Cutter 220096 1 SureBond Cat. No Pk. size SureBond 180 ml 220571 1 KRUUSE Surebond mixer tips 12/pk 220573 1 Surebond Applicator 220572 1 Used to cut the hoof. | 8 - 49 For removal of nailsfrom creases of shoes that have been on horse forsome time. Absolutely necessary in horse practice www.kruuse.com SureBond is a fast setting (30-40 seconds) urethane adhesive ideal for hoof repair/rebuilding material which is easy to use, economical, quick, non-toxic and no fumes or odors and easy to use. Hoof Equipment Can be used to open the clinches to minimize the risk of damaging the hoof when a shoe is removed