DIAG IM3 - Page 47

KRUUSE Equine Equipment Pocket Hoof Knife and Rasp Cat. No Pk. size Pocket hoof knife and rasp 220005 1 Sharpening Stones Cat. No Pk. size Sharpening stone standard 220070 1 Sharpening stone Hauptner 220075 1 Sharpening Steel Cat. No Pk. size Sharpening steel for hoof knife 220077 1 Hoof Hammer Cat. No Pk. size Hoof hammer with plastic head 220160 1 EQUIVET Hoof Tester Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Hoof Tester 37 cm, max. opening 15 cm 220111 1 Hoof Testers Cat. No Pk. size KRUUSE Hoof Tester 30 cm, max. opening 13 cm 220110 1 KRUUSE Standard Hoof Tester 30 cm, max. opening 11,5 cm 220105 1 With stone picker, handy, folding type. | 8 - 47 For hoof knives and scrapers. Hoof Equipment The sharpener keeps hoof knives and cutting instruments sharp and is formed as a pen in which the sharpening blade can be protected when not in use. www.kruuse.com The shape of the jaws provides a better evaluation of pain. Bottom part of handles can be used as hoofpick