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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Oster Clipper PRO3000i, without blade Cat. No Pk. size | 7 - 44 The Oster PRO3000i offers power, balance, and light weight. • This heavy duty cordless clipper provides 3,000 spm thanks to its silent rotary motor • The Li-ion detachable battery runs up to 2 hours on a single charge allowing continuous clipping • The Oster PRO3000i is compatible with all A5 blades, including the wide blades • This clipper is sold with one battery Oster Clipper PRO3000i 273243 1 Battery for Oster Clipper PRO3000i 273244 For more information scan the QR-code and watch the video Get the free mobile app at http:/ / gettag.mobi Oster Power Pro Ultra Rechargeable Clipper Clippers 1 Cat. No Pk. size Oster Power Pro Ultra Clipper 273173 1 Battery for Oster Power Pro 273179 1 Charger for Power Pro (273173) 273183 1 Oster Clipper PRO600i with blade 0.25 – 2.4 mm Cat. No Pk. size A longer-lasting cordless clipper. Perfect combination of power, speed and sweep for superior cutting performance . Runs at 3300 SPM. Easy to use, lightweight, ergonomic design for increased comfort soft touch non-slip, comfortable grip. Battery run time up to 60 minutes. The Oster PowerPro Ultra set includes: • One Cryogen-X™ AgION® Size 40 Blade with Antimicrobial - Reduces the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew • One battery • Lightweight charging stand • Aluminuim carrying case • Oster tube of oil • Oster cleaning brush www.kruuse.com This quiet rotary motor and medium duty clipper produces 4,200 spm while featuring a Li-ion battery that runs up to two hours in a single charge (charge time of 2 hours). • The blade system allows 5 cutting lengths in 1 blade with an adjustable ring indicating the blade position • This adjustable cord/cordless clipper is lightweight and ergonomically designed with a rubberized body that provides an advanced control grip • It also includes one set of 4 professional stainless steel metal guide combs for a smoother finish • The PRO600i, a cord/cordless operation clipper, offers a combination of power and convenience for professionals Oster Power Pro600i 273240 1 Oster Power Pro600i Blade 273241 For more information scan the QR-code and watch the video Get the free mobile app at http:/ / gettag.mobi 1