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KRUUSE Equine Equipment Trocar Cat. No Pk. size Trocar Ø3x135 mm stainless steel 190370 1 EQUIVET Needle for abdominal punctate Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET needle for abdominal punctate, 4 mm x 15 cm 290019 1 EQUIVET Bailing Gun Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Balling Gun 240690 1 Constanta Clipper Cat. No Pk. size Constanta 3 clipper machine for horses 247060 1 Set of blades f/Constanta 3 Horse, no 20 247061 1 KRUUSE Rechargeable Clipper Cat. No Pk. size KRUUSE rechargeable clipper with recharger and blade A2 247070 1 Spare battery, rechargeable for 247070 247071 1 Set of blades A2 f/247070 247072 1 Set of blades A22 f/247070 247073 1 | 6 - 42 Suggested use for cecum puncture For sampling of peritoneal cavity fluid in connection with diagnosis and prognosis of surgical colic Stomach Tubes etc. Made of nickel-plated metal. Length 51 cm. Diameter 30 mm. For horses, 220 V, 250 Watt with blade no. 20. www.kruuse.com Handy, lightweight clipper with rechargeable battery-pack. Low noise level. Ideal for trimming horses and ponies, show trimming of cattle and udder trimming. Works 45 to 60 minutes on a fully charged battery-pack. Empty battery-pack will be fully recharged within approx. 60 min. Motor capacity is comparable to a traditional 100 Watt clipper. Supplied in handy case with charger unit and cli