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11 Edition th We are pleased to launch our new equine catalogue containing our complete range of equine products – a range which has been modernised and expanded over the years. Products are often developed in close co-operation with leading specialists, who have been successful within their own field of expertise. Eighteen years ago, we introduced our first equine equipment catalogue, and demands for this catalogue along with the progress of equine products in general have created a need for this new updated edition. For more information about KRUUSE’s equine products as well as additional veterinary products and services on offer, please see www.kruuse.com or contact us at info@kruuse.com. Progress has also brought on changes within KRUUSE, and during the past couple of years, we have made the equine area a priority by putting together a team of equine specialists. This specialist team is led by our own equine product manager, Mr Henrik H. Pedersen, and our progress within the expanding equine area now caters for the Equine Veterinarian to a greater extent. All our equine products are carefully selected, and we offer you the most modern and updated range of equipment required by equine veterinarians in their daily work. We hope that you will enjoy looking through this catalogue, and should you come up with new ideas in terms of product development please do not hesitate to contact us. Perhaps together – we can help shape the future needs of the contemporary Equine Veterinarian worldwide. JØRGEN KRUUSE A/S Jesper Smith CEO