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KRUUSE Equine Equipment KRUUSE is proud to present our new and improved assortment of high quality sutures. We hope you will enjoy your suturing work with our new KRUUSE sutures. Suture Display Case Cat. No Pk. size KRUUSE suture display, transparent 150901 1 KRUUSE suture display, white 150902 1 We aim to make handling and usage of our KRUUSE sutures as user friendly as possible. We have therefore designed a practical display for the KRUUSE sutures. The suture display has an attractive design that fits into most clinics and hospitals. It is intended to be used either as a table top rack or it can be wall mounted in your clinic. Mobile vets may choose to have the display in their practice vehicle. Suture | 2 - 19 KRUUSE sutures - new and improved quality Cat. No 150902 - White Cat. No 150901 - Transparent www.kruuse.com Furthermore you have the possibility to expand the display in either height or length by adding another display section. Please notice that we have designed the display with a slight protuberance/rise at the front. This ensures stable and accurate placement of the suture dispenser box during handling.