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KRUUSE Equine Equipment EQUIVET Uterine Culture Swab Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET uterine culture swab 10/pk 290955 120 Transport Swabs Cat. No Pk. size Transwab E.N.T. (Charcoal Medium) 290866 125 Culture Swab (Stuart Medium) 290953 50 Equine Colostrumeter Cat. No Pk. size 290018 1 Reproduction | 21 - 130 Unique disposable system for collecting cultures from mares. Consists of protecting tube and swab. After collecting, swab and protecting tube are snapped apart and swab is capped in its own tube, ready for sending to laboratory. Sterile packed, length 76 cm. Many tests are available for equine practitioners for evaluating the newborn foal’s IgG serum level, but this is the only practical and economical test available for evaluating the mare’s colostrum. Equine Colostrumeter utilizes only a small 15 ml sample of the mare’s colostrum by comparing the specific gravity to distilled water in a plexiglass hydrometer. From the specific gravity obtained, a determination can be made whether or not the foal will be receiving colostrum with adequate IgG concentration. Another benefit, if the colostrum specific gravity is fairly high, is that up to 250 ml can be frozen for a colostrum bank. www.kruuse.com Equine colostrumeter