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Mare Flushing Catheter Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET mare flushing catheter luer 8 x 700 mm, sterile 230750 1 Mare catheter, nickel-plated, 31 cm 230725 1 EQUIVET Uterine Biopsy Forceps Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET uterine biopsy forceps 62 cm 141965 1 Biopsy Instrument Cat. No Pk. size Biopsy instrument, dividable, 63 cm 141700 1 Protection Tube Cat. No Pk. size Protection tube for collection of uterine biopsy, model HHP 141966 1 EQUIVET Needle Holder Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET needle holder TC Gold 40cm 141975 0 EQUIVET Stallion Catheter Cat. No Pk. size 230760 60 | 21 - 129 KRUUSE Equine Equipment As this is dividable it is easier to sterilize. Good for obtaining uterine bacteriology samples. Reproduction This is the instrument of choice for equine uterine biopsy. Cutting area 4 x 15 mm. When passed through the cervix the protection tube is covered by a Sanitary Sleeve (cat. no 340842). A uterine biopsy forceps is placed in the uterus for collection of the sample. This procedure minimizes the risk of contamination of the biopsy sample. OD 15 mm, length 40 cm. Hydrofil Coated Catheter for easier and non traumatic introduction in the stallion’s penis. EQUIVET stallion catheter 6.5 x 1350 mm www.kruuse.com Unique design makes it ideal in narrow cavities. Comes with tungsten carbide inserts. For suturing cervix.