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KRUUSE Equine Equipment KRUUSE Three Ways Tap Cat. No Pk. size KRUUSE Three way tap, sterile, 50/pk 230648 20 Pipettes for E. T. Cat. No Pk. size Pipettes for E.T. length 11 cm 340813 100 Petri Dishes Cat. No Pk. size Petri dish diameter 90 mm plastic 290570 1 Petri dishes diameter 60 mm, 11 p/pk 290550 36 Acrodisc Cat. No Pk. size Acrodisc (0.2 my) sterile 340862 50 Sanitary Sleeves Cat. No Pk. size Sanitary sleeves, box of 60 sleves 340842 1 Insemination gun and sheaths Cat. No Pk. size Insemination gun f. E.T. 4.0 mm 340843 1 Sheaths w/metal tip f. E.T., 5/pk, sterile 340840 1 Reproduction | 21 - 127 Minimum priming volume required for accurate drug administration. Rotating male luer and two female luer connectors. Arrow indication on the handle to indicate the direction of flow For pressure applications up to 4.5 bar (65 psi) 360ยบ rotation. For embryo transfer www.kruuse.com For sheath protection