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KRUUSE Equine Equipment E-Z Mixin Semen Extender Cat. No Pk. size E-Z Mixin’ ‘CST’ semen extender w/Amikacin, red 340386 24 E-Z Mixin Semen Extender Cat. No Pk. size E-Z Mixin’ ‘BF’ Semen extender without antibiotics, green 340388 1 Equitainer Cat. No Pk. size Equitainer for stallion semen 340390 1 Equitainer coolant can 340391 1 Ballast bags 4 pcs 340396 1 Sterile cups 5 pcs 340397 1 Disp. bags for semen sample, 10 ml, 100 pcs 340172 1 Disposable Pipettes Cat. No Pk. size Pipettes 100/pk 290351 5 | 21 - 122 CST contains Amikasin and is recommended for cooled/stored/ transport semen programs where the semen must be stored for extended periods and/or transported. E-Z Mixin® “CST” is also ideal for immediate on-farm. Reproduction The “Basic Formula” and contains no antibiotic. E-Z Mixin® -“ BF” Extender is recommended when certain pathogens require specific antibiotics or an antibiotic that may enhance survival of spermatozoa from a particular stallion. E-Z Mixin® -“BF” is also used as a centrifugation media for frozen semen operations. www.kruuse.com Can be used for transport up to 70 hours. Complete with 2 ballast bags, 2 cooling boxes and a sterile cup.