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KRUUSE Equine Equipment KRUUSE Sterile Gel Cat. No Pk. size KRUUSE Sterile Gel 10 ml 340623 50 KRUUSE Sterile Gel 250 ml 340625 18 BOVIVET Gel Cat. No Pk. size BOVIVET gel 500 ml 180520 12 BOVIVET gel 1000 ml 180525 6 BOVIVET Gel 5000 ml 180528 4 BOVIVET Gel, 10 litres 180529 1 BOVIVET Gel Granulate Cat. No Pk. size BOVIVET Gel granulate bottle of 350 g 180511 10 BOVIVET Gel granulate refill of 350 g 180512 1 BOVIVET Lubricant Powder Cat. No Pk. size BOVIVET Lubricant Powder 250g 180500 12 EQUIVET Lube Gel Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Lube Gel 500 ml 180540 1 VALUELINE Examination Gel Cat. No Pk. size VALUELINE Examination Gel 1000 ml, value line 180545 6 VALUELINE Examination Gel 5 l 180548 1 Pump for 5 l scanner gel 290322 1 Reproduction | 21 - 120 Excellent lubrication for AI catheters and instruments. Nonspermatocidal. No preservatives. With protective film for lubrication of instruments, arms and hands for births, vaginal and rectal examinations. Ready for use. Mix with water to make a lubricating gel which can be used for rectal/vaginal examination and insemination. 12 g of gel granulate is mixed with 1 l water. For lubrication of arm and hand during rectal and vaginal examinations www.kruuse.com Very high quality of lubricant for rectal and vaginal examination. This lubricant is not drawing strings. Delivered in a practical bottle known from Bovivet gel Economic alternative to the famous BOVIVET gel. Good quality lubricating gel for vaginal and rectal examinations. High viscosity.