DIAG IM3 - Page 110

KRUUSE Equine Equipment Miscellaneous Equipment | 19 - 110 McMaster Counting Chambers Cat. No Pk. size McMaster counting slides 291040 1 McMaster counting chamber, green 291041 1 EQUIVET Casting Hobbles Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET casting hobbles complete 240660 1 EQUIVET Nose Twitch Cat. No Pk. size EQVIVET nose twitch for horses 210310 1 EQUIVET Airflex Pad Cat. No Pk. size EQUIVET Airflex Pad with Pure New Wool 260995 1 Tracheotomy Tube Cat. No Pk. size Tracheotomy tube I.D. 22 mm, O.D. 28 mm 141970 1 Two chambers. Used in connection with parasitological examination for egg counts. The green grid makes the counting more easy. Fits any size of horse. Complete set consisting of: 4 heavy duty leather hobbles with stainless steelrings and 10 m long nylon rope with loop and shackle. NOT TO BE USED FOR LIFTING Aluminium, with 1 m nylon rope and snap hook www.kruuse.com Made from revolutionary hexagonal pads which move with the horses muscle structure removing sheer pressure and dispersing direct pressure. Ideal for horses with back problems. • Light weight • Totally breathable • Washable at 40 degree C • Made from EVA modified closed cell polyethelene • Fits under any saddle • Moulds to the contours of the horse • Hard wearing